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Loren The Amazon Princess  Loren The Amazon Princess - Equip yourself with best weapons and join Amazon Princess in her quest to find her mother and defeat the evil Fost.
Skyborn  Skyborn - Experience RPG adventure like never before in a strange world powered by steam, coal, and technology.
Cute Knight Kingdom  Cute Knight Kingdom - You could become a hero, find true love, discover the truth of your origins in this original RPG/life sim game by Hanako Games.
1.Midnights Blessing 2

2.Seasons Of The Wolf



5.Girlfriend Rescue


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Midnights Blessing 2  Midnights Blessing 2 - A mysterious force targets Sidni, and she must flee to keep her home and friends safe!
Seasons Of The Wolf  Seasons Of The Wolf - Welcome back to Aravorn! Experience many storylines and sidequests in this exciting new RPG from Winter Wolves!
Asteria  Asteria - He found his princess, his true love. And then he lost her to death.
Edolia  Edolia - A discovery is made far away that will bring everyone into danger, so why does nobody care?
Girlfriend Rescue  Girlfriend Rescue - Girlfriend Rescue is a thrilling new adventure with an enthralling story where Taken meets 24.
Eschalon: Book 3  Eschalon: Book 3 - Eschalon: Book III brings the trilogy to a climactic end as you seek to uncover the mystery of your past.
Nexus Of Souls  Nexus Of Souls - Help Lilly stop Zahhak before it's too late in this classic old school RPG.
Epic Quest Of The 4 Crystals  Epic Quest Of The 4 Crystals - In a world where classic tales come together, a young man must go on an adventure to collect four elemental crystals and save the earth!
The Princess Heart  The Princess Heart - The Princess' Heart tells the story of a young princess who must travel the world to win her beloved's heart back.
Vengeance Road  Vengeance Road - Help Sura, a brave leader and a warrior save the kingdom from tyrant in this epic 2d RPG.
Valcarta I: Rise Of The Demon  Valcarta I: Rise Of The Demon - Play as a young man named Valak and embark on an adventure after receiving mysterious power of light or darkness.
8 Bit Adventure: The Forgotten Journey  8 Bit Adventure: The Forgotten Journey - Find the 3 coloured orbs to restore the world back to normalcy by exploring the dangerous dungeons filled with monsters.
Dark Scavenger  Dark Scavenger - Dark Scavenger is an original role playing adventure game that combines unique point and click mechanics with strategic turn-based combat.
Drox Operative  Drox Operative - An original and fun starship action RPG with warring alien races and co-op multiplayer for Windows and Mac.
Gold And Glory 2  Gold And Glory 2 - Help your chosen heroes explore dungeon filled with monsters, gold, and treasure.
Vagrant Heart Zero  Vagrant Heart Zero - Help 2 siblings defeat the dark forces and restore freedom to the land in this classic role playing adventure!
After  After - A fun indie old school RPG game set in a perfect world. Discover the truth and set yourself free!
Sons Of Triskelion  Sons Of Triskelion - Take the role as a young Gladiator and help him fight for survival and freedom in the brutal battle arena
Twilight Of The Gods  Twilight Of The Gods - Enter the world of Gotterdammerung and defeat the evil terrorists in old school Japanese RPG style.
The Castle Of N  The Castle Of N'mar - The Castle Of Nmar is an expansion pack of Loren Amazon Princess.
Heart Of Chaos  Heart Of Chaos - Explore lost ruins, flying through the sky on forgotten ships, and fight the monsters in this epic RPG!
Moonchild  Moonchild - Help Queen Calypso overcome all dangers and rescue the Moonchild.
Unemployment Quest  Unemployment Quest - Help the young unemployed man find job and overcome challenges in this original RPG.
Eternal Abyss  Eternal Abyss - Help the protectors of the orbs to stop the darkness from spreading across the land!
Ashes Of Immortality 2  Ashes Of Immortality 2 - Explore the vast landies and prevent the destruction of your civilization.
Aselia The Eternal  Aselia The Eternal - Help Yuuto and his comrades protect the homeland from the evils in this classic JRPG.
A Princess Tale  A Princess Tale - Help Princess Calliope defeat the ancient evil and save the world in this old school RPG.
The Frayed Knights  The Frayed Knights - A challenging and addictive indie RPG in 3D featuting old school turn-based battle system.
Love  Love's Epitaph - A captivating old school Role Playing Game centered around romance and love.
RPG Maker VX Ace  RPG Maker VX Ace - Create your own dream RPG game with this incredible RPG maker.
Ashes Of Immortality  Ashes Of Immortality - Help Simono Rinoldt, a famous hunter defeat the forces of darkness in this old school 2D RPG.
Victim Of Xen  Victim Of Xen - Help Will confront the evil witch, Xen and reverse the curse that turns him to a girl.
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