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The Treasure Of Montezuma 2  The Treasure Of Montezuma 2 - Return to the jungle in The Treasures of Montezuma 2, an all-new Match 3 game with more levels, more challenges and more fun!
Cradle Of Rome  Cradle Of Rome - The fabulous lands of Caesar open their gates to you! Play and conquer more than 100 intuitively designed levels to build the great city of Ancient Rome!
Woobies 2  Woobies 2 - Finally! The brand new version of Woobies is here at last. More levels, cool features and hour upon hour of playing fun.
1.Claws & Feathers

2.Mana Crusher


4.Treasures Of Poseidon

5.Call Of The Ages


  Latest Free Puzzle Games To Download
Claws & Feathers  Claws & Feathers - Claws & Feathers will provide hours of matching fun!
Mana Crusher  Mana Crusher - Puzzle game & wizard cards collection. Gather your team of wizards to complete over 100 puzzles in the magic world of Mana Crusher!
Unhack  Unhack - Unhack is a visual novel x puzzle title featuring a story about greed and self acceptance.
Treasures Of Poseidon  Treasures Of Poseidon - The legendary adventure is back! The power of Poseidon's treasures calls out to you, urging you to return to Atlantis once again.
Call Of The Ages  Call Of The Ages - Embark on an exciting journey across 8 countries to collect mighty artifacts.
The Treasure Of Montezuma 4  The Treasure Of Montezuma 4 - The epic match-three adventure continues in The Treasures of Montezuma 4!
Slingshot Puzzle  Slingshot Puzzle - Welcome to the ultimate arcade puzzle challenge!
League Of Mermaids  League Of Mermaids - League of Mermaids combines Match-3 gameplay with realistic physics to create a uniquely fun gameplay experience.
Sudoku Ball Detective  Sudoku Ball Detective - Sudoku Ball is a revolutionary new take on the popular Sudoku puzzles.
Lost Head  Lost Head - Franken-Stitch has lost his head! Twist and turn your way through this physics-based puzzler to reunite him with his glorious dome.
Rolling Idols: Lost City  Rolling Idols: Lost City - Hidden deep inside a tropical jungle are the ruins of the magnificent Lost City.
The Path Of Hercules  The Path Of Hercules - Follow the path of a great hero of the past, Hercules, as you embark on a new exciting journey.
Royal Gems  Royal Gems - Plunge into the world of royal bounties to create figures with gems on the field and receive bonuses.
Sleepwalker  Sleepwalker's Journey - Guide the drowsy Moonboy through different dreams and help him get to his cozy bed safely in this unique puzzle game.
Trivia Machine Reloaded  Trivia Machine Reloaded - Start up the Trivia Machine and get ready to show what you know about the world!
Galactic Express  Galactic Express - Get ready to have a blast with this exciting packing puzzler!
Lost In Night  Lost In Night - An amazing match-3 puzzle game with three unique playing modes : Swap, Chain and Group.
Tripp  Tripp's Adventures - Help these magical little creatures manipulate 3 elements and get on the top floor of the magical tower.
Heroes From The Past: Joan Of Arc  Heroes From The Past: Joan Of Arc - Help famous heroine Joan Of Arc defeat the tyrant and rebuild a new kingdom in this engaging match 3 game.
7 Gates: The Path To Zamolxes  7 Gates: The Path To Zamolxes - Find the hidden treasures and return them to the Dacians in this unique match 3 puzzle game.
Yeti Quest: Crazy Penguins  Yeti Quest: Crazy Penguins - Help Yeti and his crazy penguin pals save their Antarctic island home from the ice storm!
World Mosaic 6  World Mosaic 6 - Solve over 100 pictographic puzzles as you travel across the globe and through time.
Crystal Cave Classic  Crystal Cave Classic - Embark on an epic quest to search for long-lost treasures buried in pitch black caves, pyramids and temples of ancient civilizations.
The Microbie Story  The Microbie Story - Help a brave microbe, Gloria, free the Professor's lab from an invasion of evil Barbadoom in this original puzzle game.
Patchworkz  Patchworkz - Are you ready to have a good time playing an original puzzle game?
Tower Of Elements  Tower Of Elements - Can you defeat the Void army and bring peace to the land? Play Tower Of Elements to find out now!
Fishdom 3  Fishdom 3 - Experience the joy and fun of playing brand new Fishdom game developed by Playrix.
Cursed House 2  Cursed House 2 - Are you ready to banish the evils, spirit, ghosts and demons from the curse house?
Sticky Linky  Sticky Linky - Match colorful globs and become the king of the globs in Sticky Linky, a super wacky casual game suitable for family!
Fairy Island  Fairy Island - Explore the fairy island and help the fairies escape the magic crystals in this exciting downloadable puzzle game.
Caterpillar  Caterpillar - Use your creativity and superior reflexes to outwit a horde of relentless caterpillars in this fast-paced puzzle game.
Jewel Legends: Tree Of Life  Jewel Legends: Tree Of Life - Rebuild the world of the hods from scratch in this captivating matching puzzle game.



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