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Jewel Quest  Jewel Quest - Explore the ancient ruins of Mayan civilization while discovering hidden treasures and priceless artifacts.
Diner Dash  Diner Dash - Ditch your desk job, roll up your sleeves, and serve up some grub! Diner Dash blends the best in fast paced action puzzles with a build-your-own-restaurant-empire.
Platypus  Platypus - Platypus is one of the most unique looking games ever created. All of its visuals were created using photographed plasticine (clay).
1.Boulder Dash XL

2.Dreamcast Collection

3.Broken Sword Shadow Of The Templars

4.You Dont Know Jack



  Latest Classic Games To Download
Boulder Dash XL  Boulder Dash XL - Play through over 150 caves in this exciting remake of classic retro game.
Dreamcast Collection  Dreamcast Collection - Experience four of SEGA’s classic hits from the Dreamcast era in this must-have collection.
Broken Sword Shadow Of The Templars  Broken Sword Shadow Of The Templars - Broken Sword Shadow of the Templars introduces an intricate new narrative thread, alongside the classic story that has charmed millions of players.
You Dont Know Jack  You Dont Know Jack - YOU DON'T KNOW JACK is trivia-licious loaded with with over 70 Episodes & over 15 hours of cranium-contorting questions.
Dachinko  Dachinko - A fun arcade game inspired by the culture of ancient culture and the popular Pachinko machine of Japan.
Zuma Deluxe  Zuma Deluxe - The original trailblazer in the action puzzle genre!
Worms World Party  Worms World Party - Worms World Party offers a perfect mixture of globally appealing humor, great entertainment and addictive game play.
EGame Pinball  EGame Pinball - The classic corner arcade is back with more excitement than ever, to your PC machine.
Pac-Man Pizza Parlor  Pac-Man Pizza Parlor - When Cathy's father loses his memory, it's up to her to run the family pizza parlor.
PAC-MAN  PAC-MAN - PAC-MAN returns in PAC-MAN for PC! Play Classic Arcade mode, a faithful version of the PAC-MAN arcade game you know and love.
Mindhabits  Mindhabits - Offers players simple and fun exercises that can help them maintain a more positive state of mind.
Star Trigon  Star Trigon - Join the Star Trigon team and help rescue the stranded Uchujin in this addictive outerspace puzzler! Form triangles around the Uchujin to save them!
Dig Dug  Dig Dug - Get ready to pop some Pookas and face down the Fygars in Dig Dug!
Arcadia REMIX  Arcadia REMIX - Get ready for a retro romp thatll have you dodging aliens and jumping bottomless pits like it was 1982.
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe  Bejeweled 2 Deluxe - Take the classic game of gem-swapping to euphoric new heights! Adapted from its predecessor, Bejeweled 2 features four unique ways to play.
Crazy Machines 1.5  Crazy Machines 1.5 - Get ready for explosive action and building fun using 100 awesome & wacky parts — including bottle rockets, cannons, bombs, and robots.
Kasuko  Kasuko - Kasuko is an add-em-up game that`ll keep you on your toes! The addition is simple enough, its beating the clock that makes this numbers game such a challenge!
Big Brain Wolf  Big Brain Wolf - Take up the role of an asthmatic vegetarian wolf studying to become a genie!
Big Kahuna Reef  Big Kahuna Reef - Go Hawaiian in this gorgeous underwater adventure! Discover Sea Turtles and other aquatic life as you break open boxes in this classic style matching game.
Space Taxi 2  Space Taxi 2 - In Space Taxi you pick up and deliver a variety of funny passengers like robots, aliens, and old men. A sequel to the popular Commodore 64 game!
Sonic Mega Collection PLUS  Sonic Mega Collection PLUS - Loaded with hyper-speed ring collecting fun, Sonic Mega Collection Plus™ features Sonic's early adventures that him into one of the first video game superstars.
Powershot Pinball  Powershot Pinball - 8 tables, from Streets of New York to Jungle Harmony - a surefire dose of fun!
Street Fighter Alpha 2  Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Get ready to fight in this classic arcade-style action game.
Boggle Supreme  Boggle Supreme - The latest and greatest version of the classic game Boggle. Includes a new Boggle playing AI and a brand new game mode!
Connect Four Cities  Connect Four Cities - Now this classic game you played as a kid is back with some grown-up twists... Connect four-in-a-row before your opponent and watch your cities grow!
Scrabble  Scrabble - If you love Scrabble, you'll love this interactive version of the world's best-loved word game. You can now experience stunning graphics, multiple difficulty levels, pop-up menus, and more.
Monopoly 3  Monopoly 3 - The classic board game is on your PC. It's more fun than ever, with 3-D graphics and optional online play.
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2  RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 - RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 is the best-selling game that started the 'Tycoon' craze.
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 And Time Twister  RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 And Time Twister - Get the original RCT2 bundled with the new Time Twister expansion pack!
Capcom Arcade Classic  Capcom Arcade Classic - Enjoy five of your arcade favorites with improved features.
Bomber Fun  Bomber Fun - Encounter classic blasting action in this awesome adventure.
Chinese Chess Deluxe  Chinese Chess Deluxe - As a General you are in command of a massive army and cunning wits. Penetrate their defenses and claim victory for yourself. Checkmate!
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