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Snail Mail  Snail Mail - Speedy Delivery! Guide Turbo the Snail through the furthest reaches of the universe to deliver Intergalactic Mail in this fast-paced racing game.
Snowy Hunter 2  Snowy Hunter 2 - Snowy the Bear is setting out on another journey through exotic new lands! Excitement and riches untold lie ahead in Africa, the Mayan jungles and the Far East.
Fizzball   Fizzball - Bounce bubbles, rescue hungry animals, and solve a mystery, all at the same time! Download FizzBall now, and get playing!
1.Creepsy And Cutsey

2.Snail Mail

3.Snowy Hunter 2


5.Nicktoon Hoverzone


  Lastest Family Friendy Computer Kids Games To Download
Creepsy And Cutsey  Creepsy And Cutsey - Take the role of the cute and creepy duos and enjoy playing 2 addicting sliding puzzle game suitable for kids.
Nicktoon Hoverzone  Nicktoon Hoverzone - The Nicktoons have decided that if they are going to continue saving the Bubbleverse, they need some training.
Kai-Lan Great Trip To China  Kai-Lan Great Trip To China - Ni Hao, Kai-Lan has been invited to visit China and participate in a super celebration to name a baby Panda.
Bob The Builder : Can Do Zoo  Bob The Builder : Can Do Zoo - Play along and help Bob build the Bobland Bay Zoo!
Chocolate Castle  Chocolate Castle - Munch your way through 120 rooms of delicious puzzles with a team of hungry little animals in Chocolate Castle!
Bob The Builder : Can Do Carnival  Bob The Builder : Can Do Carnival - The Carnival's in town! Or is it? The Carnival train just passed by, taking all the rides and fun with it!
The Amazing Brain Train  The Amazing Brain Train - All aboard! Power up your intellect and embark on an epic quest aboard The Amazing Brain Train where you'll put your mind to the test!
Diego Dinosaur Rescue  Diego Dinosaur Rescue - Diego, Alicia and Baby Jaguar are on a fantastic journey to the land of dinosaurs to reunite Maia the Maiasaura with her family.
Kindergarten  Kindergarten - Help Mila look after the babies in her fun-filled day care center! Remember, you have to keep the kids happy!
School House Shuffle  School House Shuffle - After getting her Super Master`s degree, Victoria Bright set out to build a school for the talented and gifted.
Sir Arthur Dragon Land  Sir Arthur Dragon Land - The original Dora the Explorer`s version of the Candy Land board game is brought to a new level of interactivity!
Dora Carnival Adventure  Dora Carnival Adventure - In this magical Nickelodeon game, your children will join Dora in her latest adventure at the carnival.
Dora Explorer : Candy Land  Dora Explorer : Candy Land - The original Dora the Explorer`s version of the Candy Land board game is brought to a new level of interactivity!
Mermaid Pinball  Mermaid Pinball - An enchanting, fast-paced pinball game featuring Ariel and her favorite friends, Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle.
Frogs In Love  Frogs In Love - Win over Jasmine, the frog princess of your dreams, by competing in a variety of minigames and earning coins.
Miss Chic  Miss Chic - A vivid, stylish, glamorous girls’ casual style game.
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader 2  Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader 2 - Join Mr. Foxworthy’s class and take the Are You Smarter than a 5th grader trivia game where every question is from a grade school curriculum and the answers are elementary.
Clever Kids Dino Land  Clever Kids Dino Land - Clever Kids: Dino Land brings the popular prehistoric beasts to life in all their color and splendor.
American Girl  American Girl - Building a tree house is no small task. It’s a good thing that Kit Kittredge is up for the challenge!
Bratz Super Babyz  Bratz Super Babyz - Help Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade protect the city from disaster and crime as they try to stop the aliens who desperately want their super powers back from the Bratz Babyz!
Lucky Clover  Lucky Clover - Shamrock's my name - hiding charms is my game! Travel over the magic rainbow to win this Leprechaun's secret pot of gold!
Bratz For Real  Bratz For Real - The Bratz are excited about their first year of high school, but all the students are stuck in cliques!
The Sims Bumper Blast  The Sims Bumper Blast - Enjoy an entirely new Sims gaming experience as you blast away in fun and exciting arcade action!
Yumsters  Yumsters - Guide the Yumsters to their dream food in this original action-puzzle game! Collect fruits, earn the best instruments and get to the Grand Prix!
Bugatron Worlds  Bugatron Worlds - Strange little cute space bugs are invading your worlds-and it's up to you to stop them!
Snowy Space Trip  Snowy Space Trip - Our brave Snowy got into a new scrape... now he has to save his funny Green Pals from space monsters.
Professor Fizzwizzle The Molten Mystery  Professor Fizzwizzle The Molten Mystery - Help the Professor outwit the Bat-Bots and keep the entire family entertained with over 200 levels of problem-solving fun!
Reading Blaster Ages 4-6  Reading Blaster Ages 4-6 - Progressively challenging activities in phonics, the alphabet, and word knowledge help children master essential pre-reading skills.
Lego Fever  Lego Fever - Help the LEGO Brothers bring color back to their world with an exciting mix of puzzle, action and matching levels in LEGO Fever!
Lets Ride : Friends Forever  Lets Ride : Friends Forever - You’re Dream Has Come True! You are the proud owner of your very own horse. Groom, train and care for your horse and become best friends forever!
Disney Princess Castle Party  Disney Princess Castle Party - Disney Princess Castle Party is an enchanting activity game featuring the beloved Disney Princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle.
Knowledge Adventure Books By You  Knowledge Adventure Books By You - The Ultimate Make-Your-Own Book Experience for Kids!
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