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Eden   Eden - Grab your gardening tools as lots of flowers require your assistance!
Time Machine Evolution  Time Machine Evolution - Experience a visually stunning and gripping Match 3 game!
Zamby And The Mystical Crystals  Zamby And The Mystical Crystals - The light crystals are growing darker, and Zamby must travel the land in search of the shiny rocks.
Magic Match Adventures  Magic Match Adventures - It's the addictive Magic Match gameplay, paired with a unique simulation where matches help repair the imp villages, right before your eyes!
Caribbean Treasure  Caribbean Treasure - Immerse yourself in a mysterious world of sunlit islands and puzzle action!
Tropicabana  Tropicabana - The Tropicabana is now open for business! This new hotel and casino needs your help to entertain the audience and keep the money rolling in!
Archipelago  Archipelago - Cubes with a spin...collect them and win!
Finding Doggy  Finding Doggy - Help Doggy find his way home! Create matches to reveal the path to the exit and watch as Doggy struts his stuff along the cobblestone trail!
Treasure Of Persia  Treasure Of Persia - Plunge into the luxury of an Arabian Palace with Treasure of Persia!
Atlantis Quest  Atlantis Quest - Are you ready for an exciting quest of adventure and discovery?
Slingo Mystery : Who  Slingo Mystery : Who's Gold - Can Maggie get back in to the casino one more time before it is too late and discover all of the secrets Freddy left behind?
Super Gallery Puzlle Collapse  Super Gallery Puzlle Collapse - The original game of colored blocks and fast clicks is now the ultimate break for your brain!
Super Slyder  Super Slyder - The choice is yours and Slyder is waiting!
Wonderlines  Wonderlines - Continues the popular series of logic games, where you are in a constant need for new solutions.
Atomic Betty  Atomic Betty - Time for karate-chopping action! The evil Maximus has kidnapped all of Atomic Betty's friends!
Gift Shop  Gift Shop - Your Gift Shop is open for business, just in time for the holidays!
QBeez 2  QBeez 2 - The adorable stars of one of the most addictive puzzle games around are back!
Tile Quest  Tile Quest - Begin the graceful footsteps of puzzle solving with a magical inlay!
Starcrossed  Starcrossed - The goddess Ione needs your help to save her friends and rebuild the cosmos!
Hexalot  Hexalot - Hexalot, the mind-bending puzzle game!
Fiber Twiq 2  Fiber Twiq 2 - More magical mental fun in this long awaited sequel to the shape-matching puzzler, Fiber Twig!
Arcade Lines  Arcade Lines - Arcade lines is an extremely addictive and very relaxing puzzle.
Jewel Of Atlantis  Jewel Of Atlantis - Explore a newly-uncovered ancient continent to search for valuable treasures and relics.
Gem Shop  Gem Shop - Match colorful gems and keep the customers happy!
Wobbly Bobbly  Wobbly Bobbly - Once upon a time in a sleepy little town, a horrible disaster was about to be unleashed upon the world: Too Much Dessert!
Cash Cow  Cash Cow - The choice is yours as you help Buck the Cow save the farm in this original game of coin counting!
Rainbow Web  Rainbow Web - In the heart of a wonderland, surrounded by crystal clear lakes, mighty stone, and age-old forests there existed the Rainbow Kingdom.
Fruit Fall  Fruit Fall - Match the fruit by turning the grid in this fruit-tastic new puzzle experience!
Holiday Bonus  Holiday Bonus - This one's gonna don't miss the festive fun!
Scarabs Of Pharoah  Scarabs Of Pharoah - Journey to the ancient past for brain-bending fun in this innovative puzzler.
Legend Of Eldorado  Legend Of Eldorado - Join an adventurous search for legendary gold, and discover hours of puzzle fun, in this original challenge!
Fairies  Fairies - Complete 100 mesmerizing levels, break the magical spell that traps the fairies inside pictures, and restore justice to this world in need.



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