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Margrave The Curse Of The Severed Heart  Margrave The Curse Of The Severed Heart - Evade the wrath of a disfigured beast as you explore Margrave: The Curse of the Severed Heart, a heart-breaking Hidden Object Adventure game!
Soul Journey  Soul Journey - Solve intriguing quests and finish exciting mini games to uncover the ultimate secrets to your salvation.
Serpent Of Isis Your Journey Continues  Serpent Of Isis Your Journey Continues - The quest to find The Tomb of Isis and Robert`s Grandpa begins with the Serpent of Isis : Your Journey Continues.
Dark Parables The Exiled Prince  Dark Parables The Exiled Prince - Journey through the deserted forest and the missing of the chancellor's daughter in this dark hidden object game.
Escape Special Edition Bundle  Escape Special Edition Bundle - An amazing hidden object experience with two captivating episodes.
Relics Of Fate  Relics Of Fate - Investigate a series of robberies and solve intriguing puzzles in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle.
Mystery Agency A Vampire Kiss  Mystery Agency A Vampire Kiss - Help Sarah find her missing friend in this dark Hidden Object game!
Catwalk Countdown  Catwalk Countdown - It's time to create your very own fashion line, but can you balance your professional and personal life to make it all the way to the top?
Maestro Music Of Death  Maestro Music Of Death - Find the cause of the deadly disease and save the entire village in this thrilling hidden object adventure game.
Gourmania 2 Great Expectations  Gourmania 2 Great Expectations - Enjoy a delectable side dish of hidden object intrigue as you investigate strange goings-on in and around your bistros!
Dying For Daylight  Dying For Daylight - Go on an epic hunt to find the legendary sun potion that will allow vampire to walk under sun!
Stray Souls Dollhouse Story  Stray Souls Dollhouse Story - Dive into a dark and spooky world with Stray souls, a spine chilling hidden object game.
Behind The Reflection  Behind The Reflection - Begin the journey today in Behind the Reflection and Help a mother rescue her lovely son from the parallel world in this fun HOG!
A Girl In The City  A Girl In The City - Help out a pretty girl in the city in this fantastical Hidden Object Adventure game!
Murder Island  Murder Island - Solve thrilling puzzles to avoid being on the next killer’s list in this fantistical hidden object game.
Kingdom Of Seven Seals  Kingdom Of Seven Seals - Join Princess Vita in her wonderful adventure to rescue her kingdom!
Mishap 2 An Intentional Haunting  Mishap 2 An Intentional Haunting - Join the Mishap gang and defeat a cast of eccentric spirits in this spooky hidden object puzzle game.
Shadow Wolf Mysteries Premium  Shadow Wolf Mysteries Premium - Dive into mystery and solve a string of mysterious murders in Shadow Wolf Mysteries.
Dream Mysteries Case Of The Red Fox  Dream Mysteries Case Of The Red Fox - Play smart mini-games, locate useful items, and solve tricky puzzles to unmask the true purpose of the unwanted images.
The Secret Legacy A Kate Brooks Adventure  The Secret Legacy A Kate Brooks Adventure - Explore Egypt and discover The Secret Legacy of Kate Brooks’ grandmother in this fun Hidden Object Adventure game!
Spirit Seasons  Spirit Seasons - Explore the Blindhill Place manor and piece together mind bending puzzles to search for the secret family vault!
Treasure Seekers The Time Has Come  Treasure Seekers The Time Has Come - The time has come for Nelly and Tom to stop a potential catastrophe and save the world in Treasure Seekers: The Time has Come!
The Stroke Of Midnight  The Stroke Of Midnight - Reunite the long lost lovers in the afterlife in this wonderful hidden object game.
Eternal Night Realm Of Souls  Eternal Night Realm Of Souls - Use amazing spells and alchemy to solve intricate puzzles composed in ancient hieroglyphic, stars, and more.
Venus Grand Slam Queen  Venus Grand Slam Queen - Help Venus win her Grand Slam championship, and put on a fantastic fashion show in this wonderful casual game.
Hidden Object Crosswords  Hidden Object Crosswords - Solve riddles and find Hidden Objects in Hidden Object Crossword, a unique blend of two amazing styles of gameplay!
The Scruffs  The Scruffs - One family's junk is another's hidden treasure! Help the Scruffs avoid a family crisis as they uncover a secret that will change their lives forever!
Gardenscape  Gardenscape - Create and restore a once stunning garden to its former glory. Become an outdoor decor pro in this cutting hedge game!
Death At Fairing Point  Death At Fairing Point - Solve mind bending puzzles, travel across Europe and follow the ghost's trail in this amazing hidden object adventure game
Phantasmat  Phantasmat - Get to the bottom of a long forgotten tragedy in this wonderful hidden object adventure game.
Blue Madonna  Blue Madonna - Did the artist Christina Falk really kill herself? If so, why did she phone Carol the day before her death, wanting to hire her?
Redemption Cemetery Premium  Redemption Cemetery Premium - Use your Hidden Object skills to help these ghosts and escape, in Redemption Cemetery.



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