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Hodgepodge Hollow  Hodgepodge Hollow - Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime by traveling to Hodgepodge Hollow and learn the profession of magical potion creation.
The Curse Of The Ring  The Curse Of The Ring - Explore beautiful hidden object scenes and try your best to survive The Curse of the Ring!
Lost In Time  Lost In Time - Dive into the world of Lost in Time and repair the Clockwork Tower before the city is destroyed forever!
Tamara The 13th  Tamara The 13th - Help Tamara use her newfound magical abilities to solve puzzles and rescue her mother from the evil captors.
Awakening Moonfell Wood  Awakening Moonfell Wood - Join Sophia in her quest to find her missing people as you explore the incredibly beautiful landscape in this amazing casual game.
Mystery Of Mortlake Mansion  Mystery Of Mortlake Mansion - An thrilling adventure await your participation in Mystery of Mortlake Mansion.
King Arthur  King Arthur - Meet many of the interesting characters as you battle the evil Mordred and Morgana, who attempt to usurp the throne of England in this exciting HOG.
A Haunted Carol  A Haunted Carol - Help Marley get revenge on the wicked miser and murderer in this wonder hidden object game.
Haunted Legends  Haunted Legends - Stop the curse of countess before it claims another victim in this thrilling Hidden Object Adventure game.
Dream Day True Love  Dream Day True Love - Explore picturesque scenes from their past and celebrate this wonderful relationship in this romantic Hidden Object game!
Nightmare On The Pacific  Nightmare On The Pacific - Overcome perilous obstacles and rescue lost family members in this unforgettable gaming experience.
Mystery Of Dragon Prince  Mystery Of Dragon Prince - Help a beautiful girl explore an ancient castle that has been cursed! Unravel The Mystery of the Dragon Prince in this wonderful Hidden Object game!
Salem Secrets  Salem Secrets - Help the constable investigate the scenes, solve the case and save the girls once and for all.
Mystery Case Files 13th Skull  Mystery Case Files 13th Skull - Banish the pirate's curse and save the family in this thrilling hidden object game by BFG.
Uncover The Past  Uncover The Past - Help Jane explore past lives as she tries to save her own life in the present in Reincarnations: Uncover the Past.
The Curse Of Oz  The Curse Of Oz - Only you can save the Land of Oz and Dorothy in this thrilling hidden object adventure game!
Fear For Sale  Fear For Sale - Join Emma in her adventure to unravel the mystery if the Mcinroy family, and help set their spirit free in this incredible hidden object adventure game.
Antiques Roadshow  Antiques Roadshow - Join Julia on a her incredible journey to search for valuable antiques and put up the items for sale at Antique Roadshow.
Millionaire Manor  Millionaire Manor - Uncover the dark secrets of the millionaire manor and save your fellow contestants from gruesome fate in this thrilling hidden object game.
The Hound Of The Baskervilles  The Hound Of The Baskervilles - Explore the legendary Baskerviile Hall and find out what is going on, and what the mysterious Hound is after. Solve the mystery in this thrilling hidden object game.
Bloodline Of The Fallen  Bloodline Of The Fallen - Help Anna confront her destiny and discover the dark secrets left behind by her father in this frightening hidden object adventure game.
3 Days Amulet Secret  3 Days Amulet Secret - Guide Anna travel all over the world and solve an ancient riddle in order to save the world in this fun HOG.
Mystery Age The Dark Priests  Mystery Age The Dark Priests - Help Amber begin her new adventure to save the day for Westwind village once and for all in this amazing hidden object game!
Mystery Valley  Mystery Valley - Solve mysterious murder cases that have truck the mystery valley and find the murderers in this dark hidden object game.
Haunted Halls  Haunted Halls - Search for your missing boyfriend in Haunted Halls as you explore a spooky mental.
Secret Dairies  Secret Dairies - Help Florence explore the mysterious Bucklebury manor and the uncover the secret about the Marquis in this exciting and wonderful hidden object game.
Mystery Of The Earl  Mystery Of The Earl - With the blessing of Fairy queen, you must guide Lillian solve the Mystery of the Earl in this highly entertaining Hidden object game and save her fiancÚ.
Mystery Legend The Phantom Of The Opera  Mystery Legend The Phantom Of The Opera - Confront the myterious masked man and complete the mission in this amazing hidden object game!
Mysteries Of Magic Island  Mysteries Of Magic Island - Search for enchanted items required to return to the great magic school safely and become a respected grand magician in this fun HOG.
Mystery Trackers The Void  Mystery Trackers The Void - The 3 famous celebrities go missing in the house. It's up to the mystery trackers to visit the mansion and solve the mystery in this thrilling hidden object adventure game.
The Institute  The Institute - An eccentric psychiatrist and his unconventional treatment methods has drawn Becky Brogan into an investigation of a spooky institute on the outskirts of town in this fun hidden object game.
Ancient Spirits Columbus Legacy  Ancient Spirits Columbus Legacy - Help Virginia and Professor Macnara explore the ancient ship and discover precious artifacts.



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