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New Yankee 2   New Yankee 2 - Help an unwitting knight and his feisty wife find the Fountain of Living Water in this exciting sequel of New Yankee game.
Bollywood Wannabe  Bollywood Wannabe - Join the dance now with Bollywood Wannabe, a unique rhythm platformer video game that allows you to create your own choreography.
Dragon Crossroads  Dragon Crossroads - Help a young man set out an epic journey to rescue the dragon's babby and save the kingdom!
Island Tribe 4  Island Tribe 4 - Join the brave islander as they travel through time to help the people of Ancient Egypt, Scandinavia and China!
Stone Age Cafe   Stone Age Cafe - Serve the hungry tribe men and earn some ancient money in this fun cafe management game!
Age Of Adventure  Age Of Adventure - Capture the traitor who wants to kill King Maximus and restore the kingdom to its former glory!
Fashion Fortune Deluxe Edition  Fashion Fortune Deluxe Edition - You just save enough money for education but you decide to open your own boutique shop! Will you succeed or fail?
Northern Tale  Northern Tale - Defeat the wicked witch with your might, wit and determination.
Boutique Boulevard  Boutique Boulevard - Turn one small clothing store into a runway of fashion in this addicting boutique management game.
Dream Builder: Amusement Park  Dream Builder: Amusement Park - Start building your very own amusement park in this addicting amusement park management game.
Jo  Jo's Organic Coffee - Help Jo run organic coffee shop and make a huge fortune!
Be Richest  Be Richest - Here is your chance to rebuild a city that is left in ruin due to rampant corruption.
Jewel Shop  Jewel Shop - Are you ready to shine and turn your jewel shop into a glamorous success?
The Great Crystal Crusade  The Great Crystal Crusade - Use your time management skill to save a kingdom of the gnomes before it's too late.
Burger Bustle: Ellie  Burger Bustle: Ellie's Organics - Defeat your former boss, Mr. Gristleman and prove to the world that nutritious food can be delicious in this fast paced time management game.
Kingdom Chronicles  Kingdom Chronicles - Rescue the princess, defeat the enemies in epic war and save the kingdom from total plunder in this thrilling casual strategy game!
Weather Lord  Weather Lord - It's time to give the Mother Natures a break and control weather by youself today!
Campgrounds  Campgrounds - Join Addie`s new business venture to develop a world class company in Campgrounds!
Legends Of Atlantis Exodus  Legends Of Atlantis Exodus - Take the role as the queen of Atlantis and work to evacuate the Atlanteans from their homes to the nearby safe haven in this fun time management game.
New Yankee In King Arthurs Court  New Yankee In King Arthurs Court - Are your ready to take on new challenge in this amazing time management game set in the days of King Arthur?
Alice And The Magic Gardens  Alice And The Magic Gardens - Can you rescue the fairies and defeat the evildoers with your puzzle skill in 100 spellbinding levels?
Monument Builders: Titanic  Monument Builders: Titanic - Do you have what it takes to build the legendary Titanic successfully in this amazing time management game?
Happy Chef  Happy Chef - Are you ready to become the happiest and the most well known chef in the country?
Spooky Mall  Spooky Mall - Here is your chance to manage a store that is loved by ghosts in this hilarious time management game.
Grave Mania  Grave Mania - Here is your chance to run funeral parlor business and put the undead to rest!
Frat House  Frat House - Join the exciting life of living in Alpha Sigma House, the most amazing fraternity on campus in this fun arcade game.
Farm 2  Farm 2 - Turn a small farm into a multi-million dollar business in this fun farming game.
The Golden Years  The Golden Years - Use your superior business acumen to make it big in the Wild West of America in The Golden Years a wonderful time management game!
Aqua Fish 2  Aqua Fish 2 - Are you ready to have an unforgettable underwater adventure in this thrilling fish arcade game?
Royal Envoy 2  Royal Envoy 2 - Restore the faraway land of Middleshire to prosperity and peace in this amazing time management game.
Glowfish  Glowfish - Help the angry glowfish rescue his friends in the ocean in this colorful action game.
Island Tribe 3  Island Tribe 3 - Help the tribe leader find his missing bride and restore the island to its former glory in this fantastical time management game.



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