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Sprill Aqua Adventure  Sprill Aqua Adventure - Add spectacular graphics to the addictive gameplay, and it's no wonder Sprill is creating a splash among casual game fans everywhere!
Aqua Pearls  Aqua Pearls - Join Aquatic in his underwater quest to recover a stolen necklace in this bubble-shooting action puzzler!
Sweetopia  Sweetopia - Master ricochets, multiple launchers, and candies with unique behaviors so you can safely shut down each room in the candy factory!
Karu  Karu - Stop a slithering menace in this entertaining twist on the color-matching action-puzzler.
Atlantis Patrol  Atlantis Patrol - It's your job to take flight and knock out more than 100 doomsday devices that have been planted around the world.
Steam  Steam - Join Tisha, a youngster with a knack for trains and trouble, as she travels across the lands of Sweetopia battling baddies in candyball popping action!
Loco  Loco - Fill them to the brim with fruits and vegetables for your friendly neighborhood grocer! It's tons of crazy fun with Loco!
Bird Pirates  Bird Pirates - Avast me beauties! Sail away on a buccaneering adventure and visit seven different islands as you travel through the Caribbean.



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