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Word Krispie  Word Krispie - Start your day right with Word Krispies the ultimate in word making fun!
Scrabble Blast  Scrabble Blast - SCRABBLE Blast! is an exciting update to the classic original. SCRABBLE bonus squares multiply your word score in a variety of ways.
Word Monaco  Word Monaco - Welcome to Word Monaco! Relax under the warm sun of the Mediterranean and play a unique blend of word-creation and solitaire.
Word Search Deluxe  Word Search Deluxe - The master of all word search games!
Greedy Words  Greedy Words - A fantastic combination of greed and fun rolled into one great word game in THREE LANGUAGES!
Bonnie  Bonnie's Bookstore - A fantastically whimsical new word game experience for casual gamers of all ages!
Babel Deluxe  Babel Deluxe - Travel through time to a land where words have yet to be invented! Test your skills in 25 unique word games from 5 different categories and watch your tower soar.
Acropolis  Acropolis - Explore Acropolis as you link letters in this mythical land! Travel across mythical lands and unearth stunning relics in this lexical adventure!
Spellagories  Spellagories - Test your word game mastery as you wield the power of words to save the kingdom!



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