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Big Kahuna Reef 3  Big Kahuna Reef 3 - Are you dreaming of a fantastic vacation on the beautiful Hawaiian islands? Play the latest installment of this popular match 3 puzzle game now!
Brainville  Brainville - Put your brain power to the test by helping the beautiful town of Brainville in this original logic puzzle game.
Square Logic  Square Logic - Uncover your genius in this incredible next generation of brain-training logic puzzle game.
Cavemen Physics  Cavemen Physics - Help the inventive cavemen solve challenging puzzles by delivering the stone wheel in this hilarious physics based puzzle game!
Jewel Quest The Sapphire Dragon  Jewel Quest The Sapphire Dragon - Jewel Quest The Sapphire Dragon is the 6th episode of the incredible match 3 puzzle game developed by Iwin.
Coffee Rush 3  Coffee Rush 3 - Can you overcome all the challenges and defeat the Smokestack company in this addictive match 3/ time management game?
Joining Hands  Joining Hands - Help Peablins find their missing friends in this original action puzzle game.
World Mosaics V  World Mosaics V - Solve amazing pictograhic puzzles and learn the histories of festive holidays around the world!
1 Vs 100  1 Vs 100 - Challenge your brain with tons of mind bending questions in this amazing television game show.
Enchanted Cavern 2  Enchanted Cavern 2 - Reveal the old-age secret of this incredible cavern in this fun matching game.
Cradle Of Egypt  Cradle Of Egypt - Explore the land of Egypt and solve math 3 puzzle game to rebuild the ancient city.
Puzzler World 2  Puzzler World 2 - Enjoy a whole new experience in this fantastic collection of classic puzzle games.
Find 10 Differences  Find 10 Differences - Spot 10 amazing differences between 2 gorgeous pictures in this fun puzzle game.
Pizza Deliciozo  Pizza Deliciozo - Will your new Pizza business venture turn out to be a success or failure?
Hero Of Hellas 3 Athens  Hero Of Hellas 3 Athens - The Athens is ravaged by the power of evil god. Help the population rebuild the city in this fun matching game.
4 Elements 2  4 Elements 2 - Help the 4 fairies of elements regain their magic power and restore balance to the magical ancient world.
Rainbow Web 3  Rainbow Web 3 - Defeat evil sorcerer spider once again and bring back joy and peace to the village.
Puzzle Moppet  Puzzle Moppet - Moppet is lost in the space wilderness, help him get out in this fun puzzle game.
Herofy  Herofy - Guide heroes through mysterious dungeons, defeat the monsters and rescue your kingdom in this fun puzzle game.
Puppy Sanctuary  Puppy Sanctuary - Rescue all the trapped puppies and keep them safe in this fun puzzle game.
Dream Of A Geisha  Dream Of A Geisha - Travel through the magical land of Geisha and restore the wonderful world.
Crop Busters  Crop Busters - Help Scarlett restore her grandmother's ranch back to fertile land once again.
The Treasure Of Montezuma 3  The Treasure Of Montezuma 3 - Journey through the forgotten jungle and unlock secret treasures to get rich!
Aquitania  Aquitania - Uncover a precious secrets and save the ancient mythical kingdom.
Bato  Bato - Hunt for secret Tibetan treasures and search for enlightenment is this amazing match 3 game.
Spring Bonus  Spring Bonus - It's time to relax and get ready to have a great time playing this matching game with colorful holiday theme.
Woodville Chronicles  Woodville Chronicles - Prepare to enjoy unlimited levels of Match 3 experience in this wonderful endeavor.
Brain Training For Dummies  Brain Training For Dummies - Boost your Brain power and Sharpen your intellect with this fun brain teaser game.
Pixie Pond  Pixie Pond - Pixie Pond is an amazing matching game that will keep you glued to your seat for hours.
Dream Woods 2  Dream Woods 2 - Enter a world filled with magic and help Emmy defeat her restless enemies and save the day in this fun puzzle game.
Wild West Story  Wild West Story - Join Bella and Coyote Cub on this amazing journey to create a place of their own.
Vesuvia  Vesuvia - When an exciting excursion goes terribly wrong, Jake, a marine geologist, finds himself on a journey of survival in this adventurous Match-3 twist.



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