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The Cross Formula  The Cross Formula - Find helpful clues to prove your innocence in The Cross Formula, an amazing adventure game!
The Drowned Mermaid  The Drowned Mermaid - Help a girl's spirit named Marin find peace with her past in this incredible visual novel adventure game.
A Sirius  A Sirius - A Sirius is a wonderful mix between RPG and action-adventure game set in the vast ocean.
Train Of Afterlife  Train Of Afterlife - Play this thrilling visual novel game to find out what is waiting you at the end of your life journey!
The Island Castaway 2  The Island Castaway 2 - Here is your chance to travel back in time and explore a wonderful island in this fun adventure game.
Kansei  Kansei - Kansei is an incredible visual novel game developed by Sake Visual.
Sky Taxi 4  Sky Taxi 4 - Play through 100 levels, defeat the big boss and rescue a gorgeous spy!
The Jolly Gang 2  The Jolly Gang 2 - Join the Jolly Gang in their second quest to find treasures in Africa!
Trail Of Shadow  Trail Of Shadow - Drawn Trail Of Shadow is the long waited third installment of the cinematic adventure game
Age Of Enigma  Age Of Enigma - Help the ghosts trapped in the haunted house as you uncover an amazing secret of the 6th ghost!
Insomniac  Insomniac - Solve challenging puzzle as you help Angel escape the mental hospital of twisted land!
Diver Dive  Diver Dive - Dive into the stunning underwater world and discover exotic fish species in this incredible sea adventure game
Sinbad Magic Ginger  Sinbad Magic Ginger - Save a poor beautiful girl and become a hero in this thrilling adventure game.
Cargo The Quest For Gravity  Cargo The Quest For Gravity - Win back the favor of almighty god and save the earth!
Curse Of The Slate Manor  Curse Of The Slate Manor - Solve the mystery of the slate rock manor and find your missing friend.
Black Mirror 3 The Final Fear  Black Mirror 3 The Final Fear - Help Darren find the answer and free himself once and for all in this epic trilogy.
The Tiny Bang Story  The Tiny Bang Story - Use your talent to save Tiny Planet and its endangered population.
Fruitti Freak 2  Fruitti Freak 2 - Stop the doctor's vicious plan to conquer the world in this original platform adventure game!
Dive The Medes Islands Secret  Dive The Medes Islands Secret - Dive deep into the ocean and find precious treasures that have been lost in this amazing deep sea adventure game.
Jodie Drake And The World In Peril  Jodie Drake And The World In Peril - Help Jodie stop the evil professor Bergen before it's too late in this classic adventure game.
Super Granny 6  Super Granny 6 - Join super granny in her journey through a dangerous lost world inhabited by exotic creatures and rescue her lost kitty!
Aspectus Rinascimento Chronicles  Aspectus Rinascimento Chronicles - Destroy the evildoers and create an incredible masterpiece at the same time in this incredible and exciting Adventure game!
Edna And Harvey Breakout  Edna And Harvey Breakout - Welcome to madness on a massive scale in this extraordinarily detailed adventure that will have you wasting days of your life.
Fading Hearts  Fading Hearts - An exciting visual novel game where you Solve the mysteries that surround Ryou, a seemingly normal high school student in the land of Sorayama.
Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill  Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill - Dive into this exciting Adventure game and solve the mysterious murder case!
Gray Matter  Gray Matter - Are these experiments as innocent as they appear? What is the true aim of this paranormal game? Find out more by playing this exciting adventure game.
Matches And Matrimony  Matches And Matrimony - Help a Bennet sister find a husband as you take a starring role in Jane Austenís most popular novels in Matches & Matrimony!
Legend Of Fae  Legend Of Fae - An amazing puzzle adventure game where you play as Claudi, a young girl whose hometown has been trust into chaos!
Scratches Director Cut  Scratches Director Cut - Uncover the mystery by exploring the legendary Blackwood house in this dark adventure game.
Black Mirror 2  Black Mirror 2 - Will Darrenís search lead him to redemption or the hell of insanity?
Amnesia The Dark Descent  Amnesia The Dark Descent - Do you have what it takes to help Daniel survive in this thrilling adventure game?
Ancient Secrets Mystery Of The Vanishing Bride  Ancient Secrets Mystery Of The Vanishing Bride - Use tools to find your way through, solve challenging puzzles, and harness the power of Tekkan relics in this exciting hidden object adventure game.



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