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Angels Young  Angels Young's Dream Adventure - Angela Young and her cat Felix have been drawn into the realm of dreams where the Lord of Nightmares seeks to corrupt everyone`s dreamscape and bring chaos to the world.
Wisegal  Wisegal - Patty Montanari must return to the mean streets of Brooklyn and confront both her past and the Mafia to save her son!
The Lost Inca Prophecy  The Lost Inca Prophecy - Acua has been having vivid dreams of the New World, and wakes up to find she has drawn a map of a place she has never been to!
Dream Day First Home  Dream Day First Home - Jenny and Robert need your help...again! This time, they are buying their first home and are looking for your assistance in finding the perfect fit!
Mysteries Stories : Island Of Hope  Mysteries Stories : Island Of Hope - Solve the mystery of this beautiful island and dive into the ruins of the ancient Mayan sites of the Caribbean!
The Clumsys 2  The Clumsys 2 - Grandpa clumsy travels back in time and inadvertently brings back a butterfly, which causes a chain reaction through time changing modern day into the stone age!
Little Shop Memories  Little Shop Memories - Opening a Little Shop in paradise is too big an opportunity to miss! Get ready for an exciting future in this dazzling trip down memory lane!
Magic Academy  Magic Academy - Explore a magical and mysterious atmosphere as you investigate the sudden disappearance of your sister from the Higher Academy of Arwindale.
Nightshift Code  Nightshift Code - Start in the galleries of a Chicago museum and travel halfway across the globe in search of hidden objects used to decode secret puzzles!
Green Moon  Green Moon - Prepare to go on a fantastic journey which will take you from damp prehistoric forests, to the sultry deserts of ancient Egypt, to dirty Wild West saloons, and luxurious medieval castles!
The Dracula Files  The Dracula Files - Search for cursed artifacts and holy relics, facing werewolves, vampires, and dark spirits in a globe-spanning Gothic hidden object adventure. End Dracula's reign of terror once and for all!
Lost City Of Z  Lost City Of Z - Explore the exotic rainforest to find valuable clues and follow the trail of a missing National Geographic researcher!
The Mystery Of The Mary Celeste  The Mystery Of The Mary Celeste - Explore the mysterious theories behind the disappearance of the original Mary Celeste while trying to save yourself from a similar demise!
PJ Pride Pet Detective : Destination Europe  PJ Pride Pet Detective : Destination Europe - PJ Pride: Pet Detective is on the prowl! Hidden object mayhem keeps the pets out of plain sight as you join PJ in her detective work!
1 Penguin 100 Cases  1 Penguin 100 Cases - 1 Penguin 100 Cases features 90 levels of classical I-spy adventure with original puzzles and mini-games for everyone!
Romance Of Rome  Romance Of Rome - Gives you a chance to visit the legendary Roman Empire! Love, treachery, adventure, and jeopardy await you in this amazing Hidden Object game.
Elizabeth Find MD  Elizabeth Find MD - Welcome to the life and death drama of the Emergency Room!
Agatha Christie : Dead Man  Agatha Christie : Dead Man's Folly - As a guest at the beautiful Nasse House, you are invited to take part in a thrilling mock-murder game.
The Golden Bird Of Paradise  The Golden Bird Of Paradise - After your trip to Amsterdam, the time has come for a relaxing holiday in Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise!
Superior Save  Superior Save - Save your boss from dangerous kidnappers in this Hidden Object thriller!
Nocturnal Boston Nightfall  Nocturnal Boston Nightfall - Play as recently deceased Claire unraveling the secrets of her undead powers in this shadow-soaked Hidden Object game!
Mystery From Atlantis  Mystery From Atlantis - Archaeologist Samantha Swift is back in an all-new Hidden Object adventure that takes her across the globe visiting the lost tribes of Atlantis.
Undiscovered World  Undiscovered World - Stranded on an uncharted island, a haunting family mystery that stretches back decades begins to unravel before you.
Rangy Lil  Rangy Lil - Rangy Lil is the star attraction of Pecos Bill`s traveling circus in the old West, showcasing her amazing sharp-shooting skills.
Sprill : The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle  Sprill : The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle - You'll have fun from beginning to end, helping Sprill find clues to discovering the secret of the Bermuda Triangle!
Steve The Sheriff  Steve The Sheriff - Help Steve the sheriff recover missing treasures in this thrilling Hidden Object game!
Relic Hunt  Relic Hunt - Marcus Jones` grandfather was a renowned explorer and skilled treasure hunter.
Keys To Manhattan  Keys To Manhattan - Help Emily, a talented but poor artist, save her childhood home from being demolished and restore the house to its former glory!
MCFiles : Huntvilles  MCFiles : Huntvilles - Crime spree baffles Huntsville police! Do you have a keen eye for details?
The Inquisitor  The Inquisitor - The Inquisitor is an exciting hidden object adventure based on Wolfgang Hohlbein's thrilling novel set in the mysterious world of the Middle Ages.
Holy A Christmas Tale  Holy A Christmas Tale - Grab a cup of cocoa, put on your favorite Yuletide music and play this wonderful new hidden object game, guaranteed to fill you with the spirit of the season!
Samantha Swift : The Hidden Roses Athena  Samantha Swift : The Hidden Roses Athena - Travel the globe to uncover the Roses of Athena!



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