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Art Detective  Art Detective - Through his eyes you will investigate the crime scenes, separate the real from the counterfeits, and piece together the puzzle to unmask The Ghost.
The Tudors  The Tudors - Political intrigue spans national borders in this historical Hidden Object game!
Go Go Gourmet Chef Of The Year  Go Go Gourmet Chef Of The Year - Go-Go Gourmet, the innovative hidden object and time management game hybrid, is back in a thrilling and challenging new sequel, Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year!
Nick Chaser  Nick Chaser - Explore gorgeous hand drawn scenes with a gritty film noir style in this one of a kind Adventure game where everyone is a suspect!
Hide And Secret 2  Hide And Secret 2 - The ultimate Hidden Object mystery returns, taking you deep into the legends of King Arthur.
Mystery Of Shark Island  Mystery Of Shark Island - Can you solve the Mystery of Shark Island?
Sunset Studio  Sunset Studio - Sunset Studio Deluxe is the place where dreams of fun come true!
Women Murder Club  Women Murder Club - Investigate this unique blend of seek and find and puzzle games combined with an all new tale from America's #1 storyteller, James Patterson!
Detective Agency  Detective Agency - Help James, a young talented private detective, find a stolen treasure map!
Righteous Kill  Righteous Kill - Inspired by the film, Righteous Kill follows the events surrounding a series of murders in New York City.
3 Cards To Midnight  3 Cards To Midnight - Jess Silloway has just woken up in a mysterious room and does not remember the last few weeks!
Pirateville  Pirateville - Pirate stories will never end! They are always about of adventure, love of freedom and love of life itself!
Miss Tery Tale : Vote 4 Me  Miss Tery Tale : Vote 4 Me - Miss Teri Tale is thrown into the political arena of this seek and find adventure... and dives into the heart of Peeking Town's secrets.
Hide And Secret  Hide And Secret - The villain Jacques and his henchman Toadie, have stolen the Treasures of the Ages to harness their mystical powers in an evil plan to rule the world.
Pretty Pink  Pretty Pink - Grab a record, put on Culture Club, and head back to the nostalgic 80`s in the Pretty In Pink Hidden Object game!
The Hidden Object Show  The Hidden Object Show - It's time for The Hidden Object Show! Yes, we not only offer you 11 challenging game modes, but an amazing 330 rounds of gameplay.
Private Eye  Private Eye - It's up to you to solve the Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of our time!
Discovery : Seek & Find Adventure  Discovery : Seek & Find Adventure - Break out your magnifying glass and passport - it's time for Discovery!
Interpol Trail Of Dr Chaos  Interpol Trail Of Dr Chaos - Can you stop the evil mastermind Dr. Chaos as he embarks on a global initiative of doom and destruction?
Animal Agents  Animal Agents - While undertaking their detective work, the three animal agents stumble across a malicious plot and a dark secret! Become an Animal Agent today!
Hawaiian Explorer  Hawaiian Explorer - Hit the road and search stunning scenes from Seattle to South Beach on your quest to collect rare and exclusive items for your Little Shops back home.
Miss Teri Tale  Miss Teri Tale - Can you get to the bottom of this tragedy before a mysterious blackmailer pins the crime on an innocent person?
Nancy Drew Dossier  Nancy Drew Dossier - Join Nancy Drew for all-new fun in Nancy Drew(R) - Dossier(TM) - Lights, Camera, Curses, a unique hidden object adventure full of mystery and intrigue!
The Time Machine  The Time Machine - Devastated, Professor George Einwin committed suicide only a day after meeting with his young assistant, Filby Young.
Stone Of Destiny  Stone Of Destiny - Avenge your uncle's disappearance and awaken the Stone of Destiny! -
The Clumsys  The Clumsys - Help Grandpa track down the 20 missing kids and clean up any traces they have left behind.
Blood Ties  Blood Ties - Unearth hundreds of items in beautiful and unique locations to discover the dark secrets behind this mysterious cabal!
The Stolen Venus  The Stolen Venus - Discover centuries-old hidden facts and enigmas, and enjoy addicting mini-games on your pursuit of justice!
Mystery Cookbook  Mystery Cookbook - Think you've seen it all? They you need to play Mystery Cookbook - a game where a cat and mouse work together to prepare the finest cuisine around!
Paparazzi  Paparazzi - Get a glimpse into the bizarre world of the tabloids with Paparazzi!
Abra Academy  Abra Academy - Wanda's lifelong dream is to become a witch. Help her make it to graduation by finding magical objects hidden throughout the Abra Academy.
Wedding Party  Wedding Party - Step into the exciting seek and find world of fashion! Decide what's in and what is out as the creative director of an advertising agency!



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