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Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook   Description : Grappling Hook is an innovative first-person action puzzle / platform game. You use the Grappling Hook as a mighty high-tech tool to overcome various challenging obstacles by performing incredible moves and fast combinations of daring tricks. The dynamic and surprising levels open opportunities to use the Grappling Hook in unique ways never seen before in a game. Making your way through the levels requires both skill and creativity, while the increasing difficulty pushes you to become a real master of the Grappling Hook. Download Mac Version.
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Game genre :  Puzzle / First Person Action Game
Requirement : 2.0 Ghz Processor, 1 GB RAM Minimum: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 / ATI Radeon X700 Window All, Recommended: NVIDIA GeForce, 9600/ ATI Radeon HD 2600/ Better, Java Runtime Environment 1.5 Or Better
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