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Love And Order

Love And Order   Description : Find love, run a business and unravel a mystery all at the same time when playing Love and Order where you'll assume the role of Dana Larose. You'll start your career as the hard working secretary in the Crown Attorney's office located in the smallest district of Montreal. The Crown Attorney depends on the skill of its lawyer's and all of the support you can provide. Dana must organize the overworked and understaffed office, deal with overtime issues, overcome stress and manage projects all while uncovering the mystery and falling in love.
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Fun PC Game's Love And Order Review : Love and Order is the newest sim dating game that was added to my collection. This realistic game features two of the biggest factors of life, work and relationships combined with a little mystery. It's so much like real life that it's intriguing and fun to play. As you progress in the firm, you'll build relationships with a few people and you get to decide which one you ask out. However, if you don't perform well, you'll get fired, which ends the game. The navigational system is easy to learn, the graphics are decent and the artwork is excellent. It's an interesting game that I look forward to playing again.
Game genre :  Dating Simulation Game
Requirement : Window All
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