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Always Remember Me

Always Remember Me   Description : Always Remember Me is a dating life simulation game in which you play the role of Amy, a talented college student taking course in creative writting. After a freak car accident, Amy's boyfriend sufferred from amnesia and can no longer remember that he is engaged to Amy. Will Amy make him remember again again? Will Amy fall in love with another guy? Shape Amy's romance by making life changing decision in this exciting dating simulator.
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Fun PC Game's Always Remember Me Review : Always Remember Me is a life simulation game in which you play the part of Amy and your fiance gets amnesia after being in a car accident. Life sim games are not really my first choice but after trying this one, I realized that there's a lot more to it than I expected. It's a time management and strategy game rolled into one. The decisions you make throughout the game determine the outcome and increase or decrease your stats. You have many decisions to make, which must be done as early in the game as possible. I loved the fact that there are two possible endings for each of the three other men you can pursue love with and an alone ending, so this game offers a lot of re-playability. There's even a what happened ending which is very rare. The art is colorful and bright and the sound effects are delightful making Remember Me a fun and relaxing game that I look forward to playing through again several more times.
Game genre :  Dating Life Simulation Game
Requirement : Window/Mac
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