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Magical Diary

Magical Diary   Description : A fun life simulation game inspired by princess maker and Harry Potter. Design your own character and enter the magical school to learn a magic spells, make friends (or enemies), take exams in the dungeons to prove your skills and eventually find a dream date for the May Day Ball. Be very careful of each step you take. A single mistake, you might end up in notorious secret society, in detention center, be forced to marry your old and ugly professor, or even be expelled by the magical school. Every problem has a few solutions. It's up to your to choose your own path. But that will determine whether you are good witch or bad witch.
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Fun PC Game's Magical Diary Review : I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and interesting I found Magical Diary to be. It has everything you would expect from a game inspired by Harry Potter and princess maker plus so much more. After playing the game for only about thirty minutes, I was hooked. I couldn't wait to see how the decisions I was making would play out in the end. The gameplay is lifelike and I loved the fact that the game allowed so much customization. You can even choose what your character looks like and purchase equipment later in the game when you obtain money, which is rare for this type of genre. All in all, it's a great PC game.
Game genre :  Life Simulation Game
Requirement : Window All, Download Mac Version, Download Linux Version
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