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Gods Lands Of Infinity

Gods Lands Of Infinity   Description : GODS: Lands of Infinity takes you into an exciting realm full of battles, side quests and endless adventures. The ancient world of Bellarion suffered a never ending war among the gods. The conflict began when the ruler of god was murdered by unknown faction of god. After many wars, the defeated god decided to summon a ruthless army to eliminate the worshipers of gods. This in return weakened the power of conquering gods. After centuries of battle. the ancient kingdom of god laid in ruin. The god of darkness, Mortagon finally achieved comprehensive victory by possessing a weapon that can resist all forms of spell damage and divine power. Take the role of a girl, Vivien on her quest to regain the divine essence and find a counter-weapon against the God of Darkness in this epic role playing game.
Game genre :  Role Playing Game
Requirement : Window All, Free Hard Drive Space : 311 MB
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