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Strike Fighters Project 1

Strike Fighters Project 1   Description : Strike Fighters: Project 1 is an addicting flight-simulation game developed by team (lead by Tsuyoshi Kawahito) that brought you past popular title such as European Air War (Best Simulation Game of 1998 By CGW), Jane's Longbow 2 (Best Simulation Game of 1997), Jane's Flash Point Korea, and Jane's AH-64D Longbow (Best Simulation Game of 1996). The game utilizes the next generation graphic engine which brings high level of realism and exceptionally detailed 3D aircraft model. Player pilots one of the most versatile aircraft in history, McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II and engages in epic aerial dogfight with enemy fighter to determine air superiority. Since the game is set in 1960s when aviation technology was still in its infancy period, some missiles and guided weapons will only be available later in game. Outmaneuvering your rivals remains the key to victory in this amazing combat flight-simulation game. This is a game that combat flight simulator fans shall not miss!
Game genre :  Flight Simulation Game
Requirement : Window All, Free Hard Drive Space : 500MB
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