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Path Of Thanatos

Path Of Thanatos   Description : Playing as the son of the great General Cadmon, who fought the third great war between men and monsters. You have lived a peaceful and comfortable life in the desert town without knowing the horror of war. However, all that is set change. You father is taken away to be executed for a murder of the king he did not commit. Meanwhile, wave after wave of monsters have attacked and destroyed your village which could well trigger the Fourth Great War. Embark on an exciting journey to save your father and become a leader in a fight for the survival of the human race in this incredibly addicting old school RPG. The game features over 7 hours of gameplay, 14 unique areas, An epic tale that spans years, Over 40 unique abilities and Over 40 unique enemies. This is a game old school RPG fans must not miss.
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Game genre :  Role Playing Game
Requirement : Window All
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