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Swashbucklers Blue Vs Grey

Swashbucklers Blue Vs Grey   Description : Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey is an incredible naval based action role playing game set in the period of American civi war. Start the game as Abraham Gray, the captain of a privately-owned ship. Engage in military espionage, blockage-running and chance the course of war for either Confederacy or Union. You can join either as commercial raider for the confederacy or a spy in the Union. Set sail from southern coasts of US to as far as North Caribbean. You can then trade and smuggle goods to make a fortune. Raid cargo ships, battle warships and ironclads and complete missions for either Union or Confederacy. Upgrade your ships with better weapon system, steam engine and more as you progress.
Game genre :  Naval Action RPG
Requirement : Window All
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