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Millennium 4 Beyond Sunset

Millennium 4 Beyond Sunset   Description : Millennim 4 is the fourth instalment of the popular old school indie RPG. It's regarded as the most emotional and suspenseful by the developer so far. The game features 15+ interesting characters, 25+ quests and over 20 hours of exciting gameplay. In this episode, you will again guide the beautiful marine and her friends to search for the remaining warriors. You are only given 6 days to complete the search and rescue operation so make every second counts when you are in the quest. Explore the vast land and defeat the enemy in RPG style combat system. With the help of Jeanne The Tiny Fairy, you will equal the playing field with the bad guys and accomplish your mission with ease. Can you find the remaining warriors and defeat the evils in this exciting RPG?
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Fun PC Game's Millennium 4 Beyond Sunset Review : "Millennium 4 Beyond Sunset" offers a lot of interesting game play. I liked having the option of whether or not I could see the monsters I was fighting and having arrows guide my way so I knew where I was going. I also liked the RPG style combat system and being able to choose between regular and fast battle speeds. I found the graphics, artwork and music to be very good and Jeanne, the tiny fairy, makes the game even more interesting. I enjoyed the quests and discovering the secret rooms the most. It's an appealing game with dramatic events that spark suspense and thrills!
Game genre :  2d Old School RPG
Requirement : Window All
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