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Battle Academy

Battle Academy   Description : Battle Academy is an engaging and visually impressive turn-based strategy game developed by Slitherine, a specialist in strategy genre. The incredible war game features over 30 battles in WW2 setting. Engage the enemies in locations like North African Desert, Omaha Beach, Ardennes mountain as you help the allied forces defeat the axis forces. The developer actually worked together with a war historian to make sure that the strategy, tactics and weapons fought in WW2 were turrned into reality in Battle Academy. Choose an allied force from 4 nations, namely the British, US, Polish, Canadian forces to begin your mission to stop the German and Italian army. With intuitive design, user friendly interface, compelling game mechanic and addicting multiplayer modes, Battle Academy is set to impress and please both hardcore wargamers and casual players.
Game genre :  WW2 Turn-Based Strategy Game
Requirement : Window All
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