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Kansei   Description : Kansei is an incredible visual novel game developed by Sake Visual, an indie developer known for developing anime styled interactive story game. Dive into the journey of a teenager with the special ability to revive dead people with a simple touch. He finds himself involved in another murder case when a very important person of a large corporation dies mysteriously. He meets a group of kids that are blessed with the same abilities as him and only to discover that they might be more dangerous than the murderers they are after. Explore the mansion of the victim, interrogate suspects and uncover the secrets in Kansei!
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Fun PC Game's Kansei Review : I found "Kansei" to be a very intriguing game with multiple endings. I wanted to continue playing to learn all I could about the different characters and to see how it would end next time. The art and design of the characters is amazing and the script was very well written. I found the gallery option to be very interesting and I love the fact that there were a lot of "save slots" in the game. I enjoyed having so many different ways to interact with the suspects when investigating and the fact that the way I interacted with them, determined whether or not they trusted me. The full voice acting was also excellent. It's a rather short game but that's great for someone like me who has very little free time.
Game genre :  Visual Novel / Interactive Story Adventure Game
Requirement : Window All, Download Max Version, Download Linux Version
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