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Island Tribe 3

Island Tribe 3   Description : The amazing new episode of Island tribe game is back with more features and more exciting adventures. Help the tribe leader find his missing bride and restore the island to its former glory in this fantastical time management game. Having made a wish in front of the Altar of wishes, the future looks bright with the settlers return back to their home and the giant volcano no longer spews lava and threathens their existence. The Chieftain falls in love with a girl and decides to marry her, but first he must repairs the ancient temple where the wedding ceremony will be held. Furthermore, to unlook the door to the temple, you must guide the islanders find the magic tablets. On top of everything else, the evil shaman has captured your belove bride! Can you restore the island and rescue your bride ? Play Island Tribe 3 to find out now!
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Game genre :  Time Management Game
Requirement : Window All
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