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Frozen Sypnase

Frozen Sypnase   Description : Frozen Synapse is an original simultaneous turn-based strategy game developed by Mode 7 studio. The game allows you to give your squad precise command and then follow by simultaneous execution of orders by you and the enemy squad on the battlefield. The game put your elite squad in an intense tactical situation where there no waiting around for leisure time. Predict your enemy movement and use various strategic moves to take down the enemy forces as quick as you can. Only the team with superior tactics will win in each match. Get ready to outwit your opponent and watch your global ranking soars! With critically-acclaimed hardcore strategy mechanic coupled with an amazing sci-fi visual presentation, Frozen Synapse is the turn-based tactical game you've been searching for.
Game genre :  Multiplayer / Turn-Based Strategy Game
Requirement : Windows XP, Vista, 7
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