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Train Of Afterlife

Train Of Afterlife   Description : Train of afterlife is an amazing visual novel adventure game set in a train where you ride without physical body, memory and name. You will travel along with 5 other bizarre passengers and they will share various interesting stories of their past life with you before reaching the final destination. One of the passengers is closely related to your past and that will greatly change the course of your destination. What will you discover as you reach the final stage of your life ? Play this thrilling visual novel game to find out what is waiting you at the end of your life journey!
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Fun PC Game's Train Of Afterlife Review : Train-Of-Afterlife is not like any other game I've ever played. This is a very unusual game that captured my curiosity from the start. I wanted to continue playing to see what would happen next. You have to make choices throughout the game. With each choice I made, I wondered what would have happened if I had chosen differently. This adds interest to the game and makes it replayable. It may start out a little slow but it does pick up the pace and keep you interested. It's mysterious and plays on the emotions by stirring up questions about the afterlife.
Game genre :  Psychological Visual Novel Game
Requirement : Window All, Free Hard Drive Space : 64MB
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