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The Scruffs 2

The Scruffs 2   Description : The Regalia of Grandpa Scruff is missing and he needs your help to find it back. Without the Regalia, Grandpa Scruff will not be able to prove he is real Duke of Scrufford. After discovering the ordeal of Grandpa Scruff, you decide to come back and give him a hand in locating the lost Regalia. Explore beautiful scenes for useful objects and confront the evil impostor who is planning to become the next duke of Scrufford. Solve tricky puzzles and stop his wicked plans before it's too late. Can you successful find the lost Regalia and help your family in The Scruffs 2: Return of the Duke?
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Game genre :  Hidden Object Adventure Game
Requirement : Windows XP/Vista/Win7, Free Hard Drive Space : 224 MB
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