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Victorian Admirals Anthology

Victorian Admirals Anthology   Description : An amazing naval strategy game set in the period of steam-ship. Set up your battle squadron group and engage the enemies in large-scale naval battle in real time. Manage various resources efficiently and devise your own war formation. The complete anthology features 4 games from 4 different eras, realistic 3D ship models and characteristics, as well as advanced ballistic and weapon models. The story begins with the rise of imperialism in the tropical pacific, leading to naval conflict between the U.S., Chile, the German Empire and the Kingdom of Spain. Lead your chosen nation to victory in Victorian Admirals Anthology now! Game includes Panama Crisis with Chile vs USA 1885, Caroline Islands Crisis with Germany vs Spain 1885, Marianas Incident with Spain vs USA 1887 and Samoan Crisis with Germany vs USA 1889.
Game genre :  Naval Strategy Game
Requirement : Windows XP SP2 / Vista / 7, DirectX 9.0C
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