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Ashes Of Immortality

Ashes Of Immortality   Description : Hordes of creatures of the darkness have plagued the fantasy continent and they appears to be everywhere. They haunt the inhabitants of the land with their vicious behavior and nobody dares to go out at night for fear of losing their life. Enter, Simono Rinoldt, a famous hunter from Ruthven, a world where Hunters, Vampires and Werewolves fight to determine which species shall prevail. Join him as he embarks on a dangerous adventure to face the formidable foes in order to rid of the world of terror. Make friends, fight evil monsters, level up, buy upgrades and defeat the forces of darkness in this old school 2D RPG. You are completely lost in this game, you can Buy the strategy guide here .
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Game genre :  2D Old School Role Playing Game
Requirement : Window All
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