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Fireburst   Description : Fireburst takes you to the world of scorching adrenaline madness where professional drivers compete against each others on a variety of wicked off-road tracks and paved racecourses for championship. This amazing racing game is developed using the Unreal Engine 3. The novel Fireboost system offers addictive gameplay and explosive graphics that allows players to keep their rivals at bay in blazing fashion. There are 15 different racing maps which include race tracks set in docks, sewers, refineries, waterfall, warehouses, airfields and even oilrigs. The players are offered a wide variety of race cars in 4 different categories, which include offloader , monster truck, muscle cars and buggys. Every car has its own unique fireboost capabilities to gain advantage over the opponents. Fireball: cars are covered in fire, trailing flames behind the vehicleo Firewheels: car leaves tracks of fire, attacking opponents behind and to the side of the caro Firewall: a giant fire beam damages all nearby carso Fireblast: giant explosion vaporizes everything around. Customize your race car with more than 250 car skins and choose from 16 eccentric characters, each with their own personalities. Are you ready to race on the scorching race tracks of Fireburst?
Game genre :  Racing Game
Requirement : Windows XP/Vista/7
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