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Achtung Panzer Operation Star

Achtung Panzer Operation Star   Description : Achtung Panzer Operation Star is the long waited sequel to the massively popular tank game, Steel Fury Kharkov 2943. The amazing tank game takes you to the sprawling battlefields of eastern front during WW2. Step into the role of a commander of either the Red Army or Wehrmacht. Take charge of the all the tanks, guns and soldiers available in WW2 as you plan your defensive or offensive move. Your military decisions will decide who prevails in the Battle of Kharkov. The game offers more than 60 detailed units of the Soviet Union, Germany and UK, including Pz IV "Tiger", MkII "Matilda" and KV-1 with various modifications. There are 8 operations for the Red Army and Wehrmacht set in high realistic landscapes, reconstructed by the topographic maps and photo. With High replayability, flexible AI, Destructible environment, Real soldier behavior, Comprehensive vehicle damage system, and addictive gameplay, Achtung Panzer Operation Star is an incredible war machine simulator tank enthusiasts must not miss.
Game genre :  Tank Simulator / Simulation Game
Requirement : Window All, 2.6 GB Available Hard Drive Space, 1 GB Available System Memory
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