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Build A Lot Fairy Tales

Build A Lot Fairy Tales   Description : Use your imagination and creativity to turn your very own story full of fairies, magic and adventure in this amazing sequel of build-a-lot game. Explore a dark forest, travel across lush meadows and climb a windswept mountain. Employ fairies and your time management skill to build beautiful houses, fanciful structures and incredible wonders of the world for a variety of famous storybook characters. Use the oldest investment cliche, Buy Low and Sell High to make as much gold as possible in fairy property market. Once you accumulate enough wealth, you can partiticpate in monumental projects like constructing a flying machine or build defensive structure to protect the town from evil dragons. Are you ready to uncover more tales and secrets in Build-a-lot Fairy Tales?
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Game genre :  Time Management Game
Requirement : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7, Download Size : 112 MB
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