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Ashes Of Immortality 2

Ashes Of Immortality 2   Description : Far from the politics of the Noble Houses, far from the obssessive crusade of the Family, far from the blood and death and betrayal that is the vampiric land of Ruthven, lies a land of wilderness, of nature, and of danger. A land where wolves walk as men, and the full moon brings awe and fear. A land called Landis. When a dangerous and charismatic fanatic plan to erase civilization from the world and replace it with wild anarchy, a young werewolf, defender of his people, must work to overcome the prejudices of his people and the world to stop him. Explore the vast landies and prevent the destruction of your civilization in Ashes of Immortality 2, a fun old school indie RPG game. The sequel of Ashes of Immortality 2 includes amazing features such as new side-quests, beautifully composed background music, captivating storyline and a whole new side to the saga!
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Game genre :  2D Old School RPG Game
Requirement : Windows All, Download Size : 77MB
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