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Eternal Abyss

Eternal Abyss   Description : Eterna, a wonderful world, peaceful and calm, or so everyone thought. Everyone believed that the Dark Knights were meant to protect the four orbs. Turns out, that the Dark Knights want the orbs to open the Abyss, realm of the maker. Only the Abyss Guardian can stop them! but who is the Abyss Guardian? Emil lives in the small town of Castrum, here he lives with his friend Jake, the prince of Castrum. Lately, Emil has been having dreams about him being a hero, these never ending dreams. One day, Emil was going to find out if Jake was back in Castrum, turns out that he isn't but news about him emerges. Marge, the queen's royal guard found out that Jake was spotted in the continent of Tonnyca. Emil is excited to hear about this and the queen sends Emil with Marge to go find Jake and make sure that he is OK. Emil and Marge start their travels by heading through Odeo Caverns where Emil learns how to fight monsters for real rather than him playing games with Jake. Emil is shocked to find out how different real fights are compared to how fights with Jake were. As they travel through the caverns, they eventually reach Sunn, where Emil and Marge learn about a legendary sword once held by the Abyss Guardian. After that, they head towards the Guild to hire a boat to travel across the see to Tonnyca. But it turns out the last boat was taken by Phoenix. Phoenix was kind enough to offer to take Emil and Marge to Beaside where Phoenix is reunited with Blaire but events begin to unfold when the team encounters Greo, one of the Dark Knights.
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Game genre :  Role Playing Game
Requirement : Windows XP+, Download Size : 125 MB
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