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1931 Scheherazade

1931 Scheherazade   Description : Henry and Morgana Keating were adventurers and archaeologists who enjoyed their time travelling all over the world. Now their daughters decides to follow in their footstep. When the world sinks into the great depression. Sadie Keeting sets out an epic adventure to experience romance, discovery and danger. Together with her partners, you will guide Sadie solve her parents' last mystery by exploring five continents, and choose a future for herself in this incredible adventure game.

- Over 100 hours of gameplay, over 50 story arcs!
- Adventure from the streets of Manhattan to the jungles of India
- Overcome obstacles to unlock 11 different endings
- Acquire dozens of skills
- Pursue your parents' unfulfilled dreams...or choose your own destiny
- Interact with a cast of hundreds and encounter skilled rivals
- Seek friendship or romance with five mysterious and dangerous prospects
Game genre :  Adventure Game
Requirement : Windows 7 / Vista / XP, Download Size : 1 GB
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- No annoying ads or malicious software.
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