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The Castle Of N'mar

The Castle Of N'mar   Description : The Castle Of Nmar is an expansion pack of Loren Amazon Princess. The downlod includes the original version of Loren Amazon Princess and the expansion. The game features 3 new playable characters, namely Sauzer the Master Of Truth, Mesphit The Demonblood and Chambara the Dark Witch. Join your heroes' new adventure to explore new places such as vampire infested Castle Of N'Mar, Catacombs, the Orcish Village, The Tomb Of Twilight, Cyclopes Hunting Grounds, The Haunted Mines and more. Defeat new enemies and bosses in unique battle system. Your ultimate goal is to find the missing Amazon scout and try to save them from the evil Zachary and Valery N'Mar. This game contains nudity (cartoon), be sure to use the cover up option for those who are under 14.
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Game genre :  Adventure / RPG Game
Requirement : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/W7, Mac OS 10.4+ Or Linux, CPU 1.6 Ghz - 1Gb RAM, Download Size : 105 MB, Requires Loren Amazon Princess.
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