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Smugglers 5

Smugglers 5   Description : Smugglers 5 is the fifth instalment of the widely acclaimed turn-based single-player space trading game series developed by Niels Bauer Games. Outwit your opponnents as you upgrade yourself to become a greedy trader, ambitious fleet pilot or ruthless pirate. Board enemy ships, manage factories, conquer star systems in order to build your own galactic empire. Every action that you take will have a impact of galactic scale. Explore the galaxy and rule the galaxy with iron fist in Smugglers 5 now !
New Features
- You can now start and rule your own empire!
- Manage your own factories or pirate outposts.
- Raid and plunder planets or pirate outposts.
- 80,000 words of new and dynamic short stories (the equivalent of a full length novel).
- Completely revised skill and combat system.
- Play as an independent adventurer - or join the military.
Game genre :  Space Trading / Strategy Game
Requirement : Window All, Download Size : 47 MB
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