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Northern Tale

Northern Tale   Description : The mighty viking kin Ragnar returns home and discovers his daughters abducted and his wonderful kingdom in ruin. An ancient evil witch Gesta, known for her black magic, had attacked the village, burnt the crops, summoned storms and droughts, cursed the animals with pestilence and the people with disease. Join Ragnar as he embarks on an epic adventure to banish the curse and save his kingdom. Ragnor will be helped in the journey by a few brave druid and a powerful Exorcist. Together they will confront the wicked witch as well as her undead guards and evil monsters. Defeat the darkness with your might, wit and determination. Can you bring back former glory to his homeland? Join Ragnar in his quest to find out!
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Fun PC Game's Northern Tale Review : The game mechanic of Northen Tale is very simple and easy to pick up even for beginners (or noob players). Your job is basically to collect resources and complete different type of tasks. In the early levels, you will find yourself collecting various resources like gold, wood & food with just point and click, then you clear off all type of obstacles (ie Curse Tree, Rock, etc) with the resources you gather. As you progress, there will be more complicated tasks to complete within the given time constraint. The mighty Viking king is empowered with different skills such as speed boost, double viking and more. Wait for the skill bar to fill up and Use the skills accordingly to speed your work and complete the task. There is time limit in each level, so the faster you complete the level, the more stars (Max is 3) you gain at the end of each level. All in all I find the game very fun and relaxing in my 30 mins of demo gameplay. If you only enjoy games that are complicated and competitive like the popular MOBA, League Of Legends & Dota, Northern Tale may not be for you. The viking in this game is no Olaf! There is no hack and slash in Northern Tale.

Are you ready to help the powerful Viking confront the evil witch with black magic?
Northern Tale
Game genre :  Strategy / Time Management Game
Requirement : Window All, Download Size : 168 MB
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