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The Trouble With Robots

The Trouble With Robots   Description : Send the evil robots packing in this unique side-scrolling card game with strong element of strategy. Your beautiful and peaceful world is invaded by hordes of robots. To protect your world, you must build deck, cast spells, summon powerful defenders and repel the invasion of the robots! This incredible game features 18 story levels, 4 special challengelevels and 40 unique cards to collect. Stop all the trouble caused by the robot and save the world now in this original card/strategy game.
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Fun PC Game's The Trouble With Robots Review : The Trouble With Robots is an original strategy game set in an ancient fantasy world. You start off the game with a bunch of angry peasants, ready to defend your village against the invasion of alien robot at all costs. You heal the injured peasants and summon additional units to help the defense with a simple click on the given cards. You can only click the card when the meter reaches certain level. As you progress, you will be given more awesome defenders and magic spells (Ie : Single target thunder, AOE fire spell). Before the battle begins, you select a numbers of cards that you think is going to work for your war against the robots. With so many card selections and unique gameplay, The Trouble With Robots is the ultimate casual strategy game of 2012 armchair general must not miss!

Centaur shaman is a powerful unit with great amount of health and powerful attack damage. Summon the Centaur Shaman and charge towards the evil robots now!
Centaur Shaman in Action
Game genre :  Card / Strategy Game
Requirement : Window All, Download Size : 46 MB
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