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Swords And Sorcery: Underworld

Swords And Sorcery: Underworld   Description : Swords & Sorcery: Underworld Gold features turn-based tactical combat, exciting adventure, captivating storyline and old school party creation. Use a variety of combative options such as spells, tactic, skills and bludgeoning loot to eliminate monsters that stand on your way. Confront over 100 monsters with your wit and courage in this amazing throwback to the 80s dungeon crawler.
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Fun PC Game's Swords And Sorcery: Underworld Review : Swords & Sorcery: Underworld is pretty impressive turn based strategy game set in a massive dungeon underworld. You lead a group of heroes which consist of 6 different classes of fighters such as archer, warrior, mage and more to explore towns and vast underworld. The game feels a little awkward when you play it with mouse so we recommend that you move your heroes with arrow keys. For ease of play during the combating time, we also recommend that you remember the shortcut keys for several important attacking moves (Ie F for Fight, S for Shoot, etc). The graphic of the game may not be top notch but the enjoyable gaming experience and friendly user interface more than make up for it. If you enjoy dungeon style turn based game, Swords And Sorcery: Underworld is definitely right for you!
Game genre :  Strategy / Turn-Based Tactical Combat
Requirement : Window All : Download Size : 65 MB
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