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Where Angels Cry

Where Angels Cry   Description : Strange events are taking place in an isolated medieval monastery, set high in the Alps. Monks are vanishing without a trace, mysterious persons are being sighted running through the dark passages of the monastery in the still of the night, Templars have now been assigned to stand watch and there are even reports that a statue in the center of the village is crying the tears of blood! A Vatican Cardinal has chosen you to be an undercover and travel to the investigate these bizarre incidents at the monastery. Your mission is to uncover the dark secrets of the monastery, and monks who inhabit it, freeing this once sacred place from the evil forces currently in power. Take this amazing adventure and prove that your strong investigative instincts are up to this formidable task in Where Angels Cry, a challenging and thrilling hidden object adventure game!
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Fun PC Game's Where Angels Cry Review : Where Angels Cry is a casual point and click adventure game full of dark mystery. You will play as a secret agent of the Vatican, summoned to the monastery to investigate the disappearance of Brother John and the mysterious blood shedding by a sacred statue. This game has no hidden object scenes to explore. So for those who enjoy adventure genre but hate to search for hidden object items, this game suits you perfectly. The graphic is brilliantly drawn and the cut scenes are high quality. Are you ready to uncover the secrets as to Why Angels Cry?
Having a brief conversation with the monk before entering the magnificient monastery.
Where Angels Cry Monk
Game genre :  Hidden Object Game
Requirement : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7, Download Size : 250 MB
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