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Botanica: Into The Unknown

Botanica: Into The Unknown   Description : You are a daughter of an eccentric scientist, Dr Wright, who discovered a strange world that no one had ever seen. A world full of strange creatures and exotic lanscapes, The Botanica. Your dad went on an expedition to prove the existance of this bizarre world but he never return. Now that you have grown up, and you are ready for an expedition of your own. Explore the cave of ocenia and find a way to open the portal to the Botanica. Use your common sense and wit to survive the danger that lurks at every corner. Defeat the Cunning Queen of Kassandra and make your way back safely in this adventurous game. This collector edition includes bonus gameplay, integrated strategy guide and beautiful arts, soundtracks, wallpapers and amazing cut-scenes. Download Mac Version
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Game genre :  Hidden Object Adventure Game
Requirement : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows, Download Size : 719 MB
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