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I Am Weapon

I Am Weapon   Description : Enter the mysterious world filled with nightmares and brutality in this incredible 3D shooter + tower defence game. Law does not exist in this insane world ruled by the maniacs. You are absolutely alone in this bizarre world and it seems you are destined to reveal many dark secrets here with brute force. And this dreadful feeling as if somebody is constantly watching you. What if you become filled with the nightmares and the only chance to save yourself are the memories. Your goal is to seek and destroy a bunch of evil clowns and monsters with a variety of weapons. After each stage, you can buy new weapons and build defensive towers to fight against the hordes of evils. Be the ultimate weapon and conquer your nightmares in this totally amazing shooting game. Can you get out of this crazy dream world alive ?
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Fun PC Game's I Am Weapon Review : I Am Weapon is a hardcore 3D shooter not for the faint of heart. The game is full of gore and blood splattering across the battle arena as you crush your enemies with a wide arsenal of weapons. This game requires a pretty high spec computer (ie : 2GB of memory) to run smoothly. With i5 laptop, The game just took forever to load. I had to shut off the game and proceeded to playing the game on my I7 desktop PC, of course without any problem. The game adds a surprising element of tower defence. You collect the soul of the dead monsters you kill and use it to build your defensive structures at the beginning of the level. With the help of your turrets, you are ready to blow off the intruding clowns and monsters to pieces. All in all, I find I Am Weapon a pretty intense and fun 3D shooter but it may not be suitable for minors due to its excessive violence (Blood splattering effect).

After each stage, you can use the money you earn to buy better and more powerful guns!
Game genre :  3D Shooting / Tower Defence
Requirement : Windows 7/Vista/XP,Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium. 2GB Memory, Download Size : 650 MB
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