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Cursed House 2

Cursed House 2   Description : The mighty king of Demons has imprisoned you in the cursed house. With your problem solving skills and some luck, unlock the doors trapping you inside the building and find a way out of the cursed house! The game features two fun modes, relaxed mode and timed mode. You must break all the bricks (Within time limit in timed mode) to complete each level. Bricks heat up when you create combos within them. They cool down when you move tiles without creating combos within the bricks, so move tiles wisely and create consecutive combos to break away brick blocks. Gather enough jewels to use the special powerups at your left. Are you ready to banish the evils, spirit, ghosts and demons from the curse house?
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Game genre :  Puzzle / Matching Game
Requirement : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7, Download Size : 95 MB
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