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Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love

Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love   Description : The wedding celebration was in full swing when a sinister cloud appeared in the sky. It's a dark flock of ravens, with a vengeful witch leading them! She attacked the castle, destroying the wedding and the castle grounds. The witch commanded her raves to attack the guests at the party. The Floral kingdom falls under the fierce invasion and the prince kidnapped and locked inside the dungeon! Will Thumbelina be able to escape and rescue her prince before he becomes a Raven King? Meet helpful friends, solve challenging puzzles and explore different locations for clues leading to the witch and her prince. Join Thumbelina as she journeys across the fantastic Kingdom of the Floral Elves in Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love, an exciting hidden-object adventure game! This collector edition features bonus chapter with Raven Queen as playable character, beautiful wallpaper, amazing soundtrack and concept art gallery. Download Mac Version
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Game genre :  Hidden Object Adventure Game
Requirement : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7, Download Size : 946 MB
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