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Curse Of The Black Water

Curse Of The Black Water   Description : The story began in the small port village of blackwater town. It was an ordinary town with people going about their everyday lives. Until all of the water in town ran black for night. City authorities were not able to cope with the panic caused by this strange phenomenon. So they ordered a mandatory evacuation of all citizens. Blackwater town now lies abandoned. Only 2 archaeologiests stayed behind to continue excavating the strange ancient ruins that had been found in town. Unfortunately, they have not been heard from in days. Playing as a detective, you have been tasked to investigate the mysterious disappearance of two archaeologists. Encounter the mythical sea monster and conquer your fear as you explore the remote island town. Can you prevent the world from falling into a curse of eternal darkness? Play Curse of the Black Water to find out now! This collector edition features bonus gameplay, amazing soundtrack, concept art gallery, high quality wallpapers and more.
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Game genre :  Hidden Object Adventure Game
Requirement : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7, Download Size : 320 MB
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