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After   Description : After is an indie old school RPG game developed by Awkward Pegasus. Transported to a world that's eerily perfect, an under-confident teen chases after a criminal who claims to know the way home; but when the teen discovers the truth about this perfect world he must decide the value of his own life before condemning another to a fate worse than death, or killing himself to save them. This game contains mature content making it unsuitable for younger players. Clicking the download button below will lead you to a new Mediafire download page.

Game Features
1) Four separate main quest lines and eight different endings!
2) Ten classes and subclasses create a total of 52 different character builds... per party member!
3) Twelve distinct puzzle-based missions and two different difficulty settings!
4) Classic RPG battles with a strategic twist!
5) Humor that will have you in tears!
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Game genre :  Indie RPG
Requirement : Window All, Download Size : 131 MB
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