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Arcadrome   Description : The earth is about to experience the darkest period in human history. A hordes of hostile alien forces are planning to invade the earth and enslave the human race. They are armed with advanced weapons but they all look ugly, vile and loathsome. Once they capture the earth, they will eat woman, turn the brain of wise men into cleaning liquids to wash their powerful spacecraft and do horrible experiment on the children of earth. You are the only one who stop this despicable alien plot to take over the world. Hop into the most powerful spaceship human ever built and blast your way to freedom. The fate of humankind in in your hand!
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Fun PC Game's Arcadrome Review : Arcadrome is a unique isometric space shooting game developed by the famed Russian based indie game studio, Nevosoft. In this space shooting game, your mission is to pilot a small spacecraft, destroy all the intruding alien forces and save the earth. You can only control your spacecraft with mouse, so the gameplay may feel a little awkward in the beginning level. You should get use to the control after a few levels. Special power-ups will be hurled randomly from time to time. These are the power-ups you must try to collect in order to finish off your enemy and the boss with ease. All in all, you are looking forward to experience space shooter in a different playing style and game mechanic, you should give Arcadrome a try.

Can you take down this giant alien mothership with your tiny laser gun? Yes You Can!
mothership in arcadrome
Game genre :  Space Shooting Game
Requirement : Window All, Download Size : 8MB
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